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About Pericarditis

The pericardium is a thin membrane that surrounds your heart.  Sometimes, this saclike membrane can get inflamed, causing swelling, irritation, and pain.  Pericarditis usually begins suddenly but does not typically last long.  If symptoms persist, there are treatments that may help.  Early diagnosis and treatment can help to reduce future risks associated with Pericarditis.1

When someone has Pericarditis, the two-layered, liquid-filled, sac that surrounds your heart becomes inflamed and causes friction that leads to chest pain.  The direct cause of Pericarditis is difficult to pinpoint. Doctors may not be able to determine a cause (idiopathic pericarditis) or the suspicion of infection.  Most times, it is a viral infection that causes Pericarditis.

Those who have recently suffered from a heart attack may also be more likely to develop Pericarditis due to the irritation of the damaged heart.2

Depending on the type of Pericarditis you have, symptoms may include:

  • sharp pains in your chest (especially when breathing in)
  • heart palpitations
  • slight fever
  • shortness of breath when in a reclining position

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Clinical Research Study?

A clinical research study (also called a clinical trial) is a medical study that helps to answer important questions about an investigational drug – these may include how well an investigational study drug works for a certain condition. All medications must be tested in clinical research studies before they can be approved and prescribed to patients. If no one took part in these studies, we would have no new medications.

Volunteers who qualify to take part in the study may receive compensation for their time and travel. Please discuss this with the study team when they contact you.

There is no cost to participate in the Pericarditis study. If you qualify, the investigational drug, study-related tests, assessments, and visits will be provided at no cost. If you decide to take part:

  • you will receive study-related care throughout the study from a team of experienced doctors and nurses.
  • the study investigational drug and all study-related healthcare will be provided.

We match you to a research center within a close travel distance from your home. If we are not running any trials in your area currently, we will keep you in our database and reach out once a study in your area becomes available.
Travel costs to and from the clinic will be covered regardless of your location within the United States. 

The research team will be able to explain more about what the Pericarditis study will involve, and it is up to you to decide if you want to take part. Participation in this study is voluntary. Whether or not you decide to participate in this study will not affect your current or future relationships with your doctors. If you decide to participate, you are free to withdraw at any time without affecting those relationships.

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